Hi, I’m Matthew. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m passionate about food and pretty much anything food-related. I love dining out and trying new things. I grew up in the Yarra Valley, Victorian-born and bred, but now live down on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula surrounded by beaches and wineries… it’s a hard life, and understandably, I’m rather partial to wine as well!

Although I have trade qualifications in cookery, I have not pursued a career as a chef. When asked why not, the answer is always the same; I don’t want to end up hating something that I love. For the most part, I am a “home cook.” I love mucking about in my kitchen and sharing my food passion with friends and family.

Fanks Kitchen is all about cooking at home. Creating good food to share with friends and family.
We’re going to get back to some basics on which you will take your cooking to another level. We’ll explore some ways to make your busy life a little easier when it comes to feeding the family and save a few bucks too. And just because I’m a bit of a nerd, expect some fun facts from time to time.

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