September 18th – Cheeseburger Day

The good ol’ US of A loves its Cheeseburger, so much so that on September 18th, they celebrate National Cheeseburger Day! And why wouldn’t they? Americans consume around 50 billion hamburgers a year! There have been several claims as to who was the original creator of the Cheeseburger. However, the oldest claim belongs to 16-year-oldContinue reading “September 18th – Cheeseburger Day”

The Spaghetti Bolognese Controversy

Who doesn’t love a ‘spag bol’? Some garlic bread and green salad on the side. It’s just great comfort food, and the kids love it! As a kid, we regularly ate ‘spag bol.’ As I mentioned previously, growing up, we didn’t eat a lot of ‘foreign’ food, so I thought spaghetti sauce came in aContinue reading “The Spaghetti Bolognese Controversy”

Pumpkin Soup; Australia’s favourite!

“Taste Magazine” crowned Pumpkin Soup, Australia’s number 1 favourite soup! It’s hard not to love the warm, velvety delight of classic Pumpkin Soup, especially with a slice of warm crusty bread fresh from the bakery. There are so many variations on this traditional dish; how do you know which is the “best”? Some recipes sayContinue reading “Pumpkin Soup; Australia’s favourite!”