The Alchemy of turning Stock into Liquid Gold

Chicken Stock & Consomme’ A couple of days ago, I posted about saving money by breaking down chickens. Apart from having some lovely cuts of meat, you can use the leftover chicken frames to make stock. You can freeze the stock for later use or take it to the next level and make it intoContinue reading “The Alchemy of turning Stock into Liquid Gold”

Thai-style Pumpkin Soup

I was fortunate enough to have holidayed in Thailand early in 2020, right before the pandemic hit. It may well be the last overseas holiday I get to have in a very long time. I have always enjoyed Thai cuisine, and it’s complex balance of sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and spicy flavours. Unfortunately, our understandingContinue reading “Thai-style Pumpkin Soup”

Pumpkin Soup; Australia’s favourite!

“Taste Magazine” crowned Pumpkin Soup, Australia’s number 1 favourite soup! It’s hard not to love the warm, velvety delight of classic Pumpkin Soup, especially with a slice of warm crusty bread fresh from the bakery. There are so many variations on this traditional dish; how do you know which is the “best”? Some recipes sayContinue reading “Pumpkin Soup; Australia’s favourite!”