Chicken – It’s Cheap Cheap! How to Ease the Grocery Budget.

Let’s face it; we can all afford to save a few bucks!

I, for one, have not been a stranger to living on a tight budget in the past. As such, I have looked for ways to stretch the budget to get more value for money. The answer, chicken!

With meat being as expensive as it is these days, it can put a real dent in the grocery budget. Chicken is still reasonably priced! Well, at least it can be if you are smart about it. What’s more, chicken is such a versatile meat that can be prepared in so many different ways that it is not likely something that the family will grow bored of quickly.

You can get whole chickens at the Supermarket, sometimes less than $4.00 per kg, and break them down yourself. It’s pretty easy, and I’m going to show you how to do that today.

But I guess you’re asking, is it worth the trouble? I think so! Savings aside, it doesn’t take long to butcher a bird; you can prepare the cuts to your liking, save the frames to make stock, and the skin for making crispy chicken skin.

By butchering a whole bird yourself, you can save about 30-40%! For example, I brought four whole chickens, weighing 8.3 kg in total and costing me $32.50. From that, I was able to get 2.6kg of breast, 1.2kg of thigh, 1kg of wings, and 1.4kg of drumsticks. That would be at least $49.00 worth of meat if you were to buy that meat individually.

See how much I got! That’s $16.50 worth of savings, and I haven’t even counted the chicken frames I still have to make beautiful chicken stock.

Check out the video below to see how I broke down the chickens.


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